Training Calendar

Referee Training

AYSO has 5 levels of referee certifications. If you are a new referee you will need one of the first 2 depending on your child’s age.

  • U8 Official – Required to officiate U8 matches (no referees for U6)
  • Basic (or Regional) Referee – Required for referees doing U10 and above
  • Intermediate Referee – Recommended for referees doing U12 and above
  • Advanced Referee – Recommended for referees doing U14 and above
  • National Referee – Recommended for referees doing U16 and above

Training provided by regions 43/45 in Los Altos/Mountain View

Click on a calendar item to see the course details (location, hours).

There are 3 types of course:

  • U8 Official course: All first time referees must take this in-classroom course (3.5 hours), 1 Saturday morning or 1 Tuesday evening. The class ends with a test and you receive your referee equipment (unless you are also taking the upgrade class)
  • U8-to-Basic Referee Upgrade: Existing U8 Official who need to upgrade to do U10/U12 games have 2 options:
    • A 100% in-classroom course: ~ 6 hours classroom, either 1 afternoon or 2 evenings.
    • An online course + in-classroom course: ~ 2.5 hours online course and ~ 3.5 hours companion course to review topics and take the test (this sign-up instructions will explain how to take the online course before you attend the companion course).

Once you know what course(s) you want to take click to expand the calendar item(s), copy the class ROSTER NUMBER(s) and then sign-up on using these numbers directly, or if you need more help, follow these detailed instructions. Use the item’s link copy to my calendar to record the classes you are taking! The instructor will send a reminder email to the address attached to your eAYSO account.

Any questions? Please email the Referee Administrator at

Training calendar for nearby regions

If you cannot take any of the region 43/45 training classes above check the following classes in nearby regions.

Please follow their instructions by clicking an event and RSVP so that they know the quantity of training material to order. Also let us know once your training is complete so that you can get a referee account in our region and get the uniform and equipment from us.

  • BLUE= Palo Alto – Region 26
  • GREEN = Area 2J ( West San Jose, Saratoga, Cupertino )

Advanced Referee Training

The Intermediate Referee and Advanced Referee training clinics are offered periodically by AYSO Area 2A (see the training calendar at