Returning Referees

2016 Referee Refresher / LOTG Update Links

The slide deck from the 2016 Referee Refresher is available!

In addition, the 2016 IFAB LOTG are available in PDF form at:!/laws

The short summary of the most important things that affect us:

    • NO HEADERS for U-8, U-10, U-12!  This is not a change in the LOTG, but it is a change in our league (AYSO) playing rules.  The punishment is a DFK for U-8, and IFK for U-10/U-12.
    • For the Kickoff — the ball is in play when it is kicked and clearly moves.  It no longer has to move forward, the kick can be directly back to teammates.
    • For Offside — the location of the restart  is the location where the player in an offside position becomes involved in play.

See the Laws of the Game for all the details.

Welcome Back Returning Referees!

All returning referees must complete the following three steps in order to referee matches in our region.

Step 1: Re-register as a volunteer in the National AYSO database through eAYSO.

    • Follow the Volunteer Registration portion of our Volunteer Registration page to re-register as a volunteer for this season.
    • There is no longer a need to print / sign your volunteer registration – the online eSignature is sufficient.

Step 2:  Determine whether you need additional training, and register for the class(es) you plan to attend.

    • Referees transferring from another AYSO region:  As long as your existing certification was recorded on your eAYSO account you don’t need to take the same training again, just confirm whether you need to upgrade.
    • USSF referees: if you have a current USSF certification no additional AYSO training is necessary.  Please fill out a cross-certification form and return it to the Referee Administrator with a copy of your USSF card for the current year.  You still need to do Step 2 and 3!
    • Note: you may take a training class in another AYSO region as long as you obtain the correct certification for your age group.
    • If you plan to officiate U8 matches:
      1. As a returning U8 Official, you already have the training you need — just plan to attend the Referee Refresher and you’re set!
    • If you plan to officiate U10 matches:
      1. If you are a returning Regional Referee, you already have the training you need — just plan to attend the Referee Refresher and you’re set!
      2. If you are only certified as a U8 Official, you will need to complete the Basic (Regional) Referee certification.  See the training pages for more information
    • If you plan to officiate U12 matches:
      1. If you have completed only the “Basic (Regional) Referee” training, please consider taking the Intermediate Referee course this season.  Although not a strict requirement, it is highly recommended.  Please visit the referee training page or check with your Referee Administrator.
      2. If you are only certified as a U8 Official, you can complete the Regional Referee certification as described above.  Note, however, that you will likely want additional experience and mentoring before you feel prepared to take on a U12 match.

As you can see from the table above, matches at the U14 / U16 / U19 levels require additional experience and training.  While you will see Regional Referees working these matches, they have typically been active referees for more than a season.

Step 3: Attend your Upgrade classes or the Referee Refresher meeting.

    • Complete any upgrade class you registered to attend.
    • For ALL OTHER returning referees, the AYSO National Referee Program requires one continuing education class each year.  Region 43 provides an annual “Referee Refresher” session to meet this requirement.  In this session, we cover changes in our local policies and procedures, IFAB Law changes, etc.  This is also the opportunity to check / replace your equipment.  Please visit the referee training page for the date and location of this class.

Thank you for volunteering again this year! If you have any questions please email the Referee Administrator at