U8 Referee Procedures

U8 Referee Procedures
This page only covers U8 games. See the general Referee Procedures for all other games.
Referee scheduling
All U8 games are self-assigned for referees, i.e. they are not assigned through WebYouthSoccer like we do for older divisions.
Each game requires 2 referees since teams are split up on 2 mini-fields.
Each team must provide 1 referee for each game
If a team has more than 1 referee they decide amongst themselves who handles the game that day
If a team doesn’t have any referee present, the other team can help with a 2nd referee, or the coach needs to referee on one of the 2 fields (and not coach at the same time!)
For insurance reason not other adult is allowed to referee a game even if he/she knows soccer!
Remember to bring your referee shirt and your whistle at each game.
Please notify other referees when you are absent that Saturday in order to make sure the game is covered.
How to check the schedule and the availability of other referees
You can view the whole Saturday schedule by clicking on the Region Game Grid on your Referee home page (see image below).
The home team is the first number listed for each time slot

Pre-game instructions
Arrive early. Make sure the field is clear of hazards.
Get the game cardsfrom both coaches, mark the players absent that day.
Get 2 size-3 balls from the home team.
Start on time (parents and players need to learn to be on time!)
Synchronize your whistle with the adjacent field so that you both start and call half time at the same time.
Note: If 1 team is short of players coaches must agree on the number of fielded players: the mininum is 4 v 4, the maximum is 6 v 6. If some players are subs they get to play at least 2 quarters of the game.
During the game
Don’t worry about making mistakes 🙂 We all learn something at every game.
As long as it is Fun, Fair and Safe you’re doing a good job!
Stop the game after about 10 minutes for a quick water break (when the ball is out of play) but do not stop your watch.
Stop for a 5 mins half time at 20 minutes.
Ask for each team to play against the other one during the 2nd half (coaches may switch players too if it is too unbalanced)
Remember to record goals on your game card.
See more U8 advice to handle your games.
After the game
Make sure the home team puts the goals and corner flags away if this is the last game of the day
Make sure you have the game cards filled out from both fields (who scored, who was absent or injured).
Most of the time there won’t be any sub.
One of the 2 referes must enter the game cards on WebYouthSoccer no later than Sunday. This is very important information to record players’ playing time and be able to balance teams the following year.
How to enter game cards
The way to enter game cards is simple:
Click Game Cardsunder the referee menu
Select the date, region 43, Rosita 1, 2, or 3, and then the game you refereed as shown below.
Don’t forget to edit the list of referees to add your name + the list of the other ref if there was one.

Note: You could also use this method to self-assign games to yourself if you want to print your own game cards (coaches are supposed to provide game cards at U8 but one is never sure). Just edit the game cards for that day and edit the referee list. Then you’ll see the game on your Referee’s main page and can click “Game Card Package”.
Questions? Need mentoring?
Share your experience with other referees on the field. Sometimes a more experience referee might be on the side line and can assist you. Don’t hesitate to ask questions!
Also don’t hesitate to contact your RRA. It is also possible to assign a mentor if you ask in advance.
Have a great season!