Referee’s Toolbox

Referees Toolbox
Before the season starts please review our regional procedures for scheduling and handling your games: U7-U8 Referee Procedures and U10-U14 Referee Procedures.
Resources from our region
Whether you are a new referee or have 10 years of experience you will learn something new at every game and make mistakes! Here are some tips and resources to become a better referee:
Print and review these common beginner mistakes and advice to U7/U8 referees
Print and review this table of soccer fouls by age (pdf).
Talk to the other referees at the end of your games, this is the best way to get immediate feedback.
Ask questions and share stories on our referees Yahoo group.
Ask your RRA for advice or request a mentor for an upcoming game.
Check out online referee resources (see links below)
Attend Pizza nights social events to meet referees and coaches (see calendar below)
Coaches and Referees social events calendar
We hold regular “pizza nights” during the season. Those are friendly get-togethers over pizza and drinks offered by Ayso 43. Even if you drop by just to say hi, ask a question or tell a story, all referees and coaches are welcome!
(Click on events for details)

Online resources
Region 43/45 referee training material
AYSO Guidance for Referees and Coaches, i.e. rule book
AYSO national’s Referee resources page
The official FIFA Laws of the game
Randy’s ultimate list of referee links!