Rain Out Policy

Region 43 Rain Out Policy

Region 43 doesn’t have a field closure hotline.  We will post a message in the Recent News section of this website (right side bar) on days where fields are closed.

In general, it is safe to play soccer in the rain, unless lightning is present. The primary determining factor in whether we play or cancel is 1) the safety of players and 2) the projecting whether damage that would result from using that field.

Unless you verify otherwise, assume that the games will be played.

Procedure For Determining If Fields Are Closed

Check this web site, we will post the list of fields that are closed on a particular day.

You can also check http://www.lasdschools.org/ for field status at the schools (if fields are closed, a scrolling message in red will appear beneath the banner on the homepage).

Patience Please

In mid to late October, please be patient awaiting the rain out message to be updated on game day. If the weather is marginal but we don’t close the fields by Friday, we are unable to check fields until the sun starts to come up which can be as late as 7:30am. At that point, we have a team of volunteers at the fields providing status. Only after field status has been received, can a final determination be made after which, we can update the message.

Note, that even if we do allow games to start, the Referee, at his or her discretion, can cancel or abandon a match if they feel that the conditions are unsafe or will do irreparable damage to the fields.