Spring Select Soccer

AYSO Region 43 supports Spring Select Soccer. If you are interesting in coaching a spring team please do the following.

1. Contact other coaches in your division to find other interested coaches.

2. Contact all parents in the division (how to get all emails?) to notify them of your intent and determine interest. If interest is high then tryouts may be needed.

3. Registration – Go to http://www.pcssl.org/ to download and read registration/information packet.
Notify Region 43 that you would like to form a team for the PCSSL season. See ayso43.org for contact information.
Designate head coach (assistant coach also recommended)

Must be eAYSO registered and have signed a volunteer form. (confirm whether a volunteer form from previous fall season is acceptable).
Must be AYSO coach certified at the appropriate level (i.e., U10 Coach Certified for U10). Check eAYSO for coach training in neighboring AYSO regions.
Must have taken AYSO Safe Haven on-line course.

4. Acquire team referees

Each team must provide 3 referees to officiate at all HOME games. See registration packet for details. Referees do not need to be a player’s parent but must be at least certified at the AYSO Regional Referee level.

5. Select players

Must be eAYSO registered and have played in Region 43 at some point but not necessarily during the last regular fall season. Players who did not play in the previous fall season can play but must pay additional reg AYSO fee (see Fees below)
See registration packet for maximum roster sizes.
Team manager and/or coach has the discretion of either hand picking players or holding try outs.

6. Fill out and mail PCSSL registration form by due date.

Check registration packet for registration due date and mailing address. The due date is late January; late registration cut off date is early February. This is not a postmark due date but the date by which registrations forms must be received, so mail a few days before deadline.
Registration form requires Region 43 Regional Commissioner roster approval and signature
PCSSL coaches from previous season are sent the registration packet in MS Word format to allow reg packet to be filled out on-line and then printed. Ask Region 43 board to be contacted by coaches from last spring season.

7. Determine field for practices and HOME games

PCSSL requires that each team has a field. See registration packet for details and date by which field must be determined. PCSSL has to be notified of the field by early February to guarantee that team will participate in the league.
Contact Region 43 board for field availability. Field availability is a challenge every year and typically a field is not secured until right before games begin in March. Use of parks or unused school fields might be an option until a field is secured (need to confirm)

8. Order, prepare and turn in AYSO coach and player pass cards.

Check registration packet for pass card due date and mailing address. The due date is mid February. This is not a postmark due date but the date by which the passes must be received, so mail a few days before deadline.
Get PCSSL player pass instructions in a PDF file. In 2010, instructions were forwarded by Region 43 registrar.
Order cards

See player pass instructions for where to order. In 2010, cards could be ordered at http://www.aysostore.com/AYSO-Player-ID-Cards-Pack-of-80/productinfo/AY-CS003/ and one order contained 80 cards; a team typically only needs between 12 and 20, depending on the number of players and coaches.
Before ordering, ask around if another Region 43 spring team is ordering them and has extras.

9. Take pictures of players and coaches (see instructions for details)

Must be head/shoulder picture printed with dimensions 1.25 in x 1.25
Pictures can be taken at first practice or ask parents to email an electronic image of a school picture.
Crop pictures on computer to correct size.
Ok to print pictures on regular paper or print on slightly heavier stock paper.
Each coach/player card must be signed by the Region 43 Regional Commissioner

Go to mandatory Coach/Referee meeting. See registration packet for date. In 2010, meeting was held on February 22nd. Approved coach/player pass cards are handed back. “No Card, No Play!” is their motto.

10. Games

Games are all held on Sundays and typically begin the first weekend of March and end in May. See registration packet for details.
To view game schedule information during season, go to http://www.mysoccerleague.com and select Pacific Coast Spring Soccer League in the
scrollable list of leagues and select the Go button.

11. Costs

Team manager or coach is responsible for paying all fees and uniform/equipment needs and also for notifying and collecting from parents.

PCSSL registration fee (around $150 per team if submitted by January deadline; otherwise $250 by early Feb deadline). See registration packet for details.

Region 43 Fees

Field and field paint fee. Varies every season and depends on number of fields and teams, about $100 per team.
AYSO National player fees for any players who did not play in Region 43 the previous fall season. Varies by season, around $15 per player.

12. Uniforms

Teams must acquire their own uniforms
Not required to have the AYSO logo on jersey if not playing in tournaments (i.e., PCSSL has no playoffs so does not require them).
Cost varies by vendor. Vendors to consider:

Score: http://www.scoresports.com/ (used for ordering Fall season uniforms; almost half the price of All Star Soccer below)
Sports Authority and other retail outlets for socks.

Can use black shorts from Fall AYSO season to save $$. Note that player names are not permitted on uniforms.

12. Equipment

Teams must acquire their own team equipment.

Balls (Ask players to bring their own)
Cones, etc…

Region 43 will provide field equipment (corner flags, goals, nets,…)