Coach Training

In compliance with AYSO’s National Coaching Program, AYSO offers a number of online and live Coach Training Courses during the months of August and September. The younger age group (U6 and U8) coach courses are available online at You will need your AYSO ID# to log into the site and find your courses. Safe Haven training is also available on this site.

For live course training classes, please log into On the home page, there is a link for “Enroll to take a class.” From that link, you can search for local courses. We are in Section:2, Area:A, Region:43. To broaden your search, you can look in all of Areas: A (Lower Peninsula), J (San Jose) and N (Upper Peninsula).

Training to or above the level of team you are coaching is required for head coaches and strongly encouraged for assistant coaches. Coaches who want their teams to participate in the Area and Section tournaments at the end of the season are REQUIRED to have the appropriate training levels. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

Division Minimum Coach Training Requirement
U7 and U8 U-8
U9 and U10 U-10
U12 U-12
U14 Intermediate
U16 and U19 Advanced

Coach Training Calendar

The 2014 calendar has been finalized. Cross-check with the Coaches Calendar for latest information