Each year, we need to train additional referees to fill the openings created when players move up to the next age level (and take their parent-referee-volunteers with them)!  It’s true that this is the case for nearly every volunteer position – but if you’re looking to help out (and we hope you are!), here are few points to consider:

  1. The training for a U-8 Official can be completed in as little as 4.5 hours — with 2 of those hours at your own pace and convenience online!
  2. At the U-8 level, we ask only that you support your child’s matches each weekend – a 45-minute commitment that you’re probably already making, since you’re likely there to watch the match anyway!
  3. The Los Altos Region 43 parents, players, and volunteers are a great bunch to work with!  You don’t need to worry about catching grief for your decisions — we’re all volunteers, and we’re all doing it for the Kids!

Want more information?  See “The Big Picture“.

Our Heroes!

A big THANK YOU to our 2015 Season Referee Volunteers – here are just a few of the accomplishments from last season:

Active Youth Referees

Special Thanks to Sam, Ryan, Nathan, Elsa, and Tessa for their dedication to AYSO and the younger kids!

Games Covered


Referee Match Positions Filled

Over 500!

New Intermediate Referees Trained

Special Thanks to Richard, Mark, Juan, and Chris for increasing their knowledge!

Senior Referees

Special Thanks to Chuck, Ben, Scott, Kevin, Stephen, and Bob for continuing to referee after their kids have “graduated” from the program!

An AYSO Referee must meet the following requirements:

    • Register annually as a volunteer
    • Complete (one time only) Safe Haven and Concussion Awareness training (online)
    • Complete referee training for the age level he or she will be officiating

For detailed information, check out the New Referees, Returning Referees, and Referee Training pages.

See you on the pitch!