Spring Season

Spring Play for U6 and U8

The season will run on Sunday afternoons from March 6 – May 8 (excluding Easter). The 9 sessions will have Jamboree style format (similar to the U6 program in the Fall).  U6 will be 60 minutes long and the U8 will run 75 minutes.  The focus will be skill development and small-sided team play.
The first half of each session will be spent in a clinic style practice run by each team’s coaches, supported by two World Cup Soccer Camps’ trainers.  For the second half, the teams will play each other on a round-robin basis.  The more coaches we have, the smaller each team can be.
The season will cost $130 per child.  Each player will get new uniforms and a soccer ball.  We don’t plan to have photos or trophies.

Spring Select and Tournament Play for U10 and Above

Although many parents desire it we are not able to get fields for a full, open registration Spring season. So, like neighboring regions, we have been supporting a limited Spring Select and Tournament play for U10 and above — for our third year now. We are also starting a pilot program for U6 and U8 starting in the spring of 2016.

We operate a select team program in the spring for boys and girls in the U10, U12, U14, U16 and U19 age brackets. The objective of the program is to provide more opportunity to develop their skills against a broader set of competition and participate in tournaments outside of our Area. Teams are chosen through try-outs that are held at the end of the fall season into early January. Teams begin practice in late January or early February and participate in the 10-week Pacific Coast Spring Soccer League (PCSSL). PCSSL games begin in late March and end Memorial Day weekend.

Registration Information

Registration for spring is through Web Youth Soccer just like in the fall. Parents can log in from the home page on this site.


Any player who is registered with an AYSO region is eligible to try out for a select team and participate. You will need to register your child if he or she was not registered in the fall and pay the registration fees before participating in tryouts or any practice sessions before tryouts are held. Players who were registered in the fall don’t need to register in the spring until after the tryouts and secure a place on a team. Players who have paid the registration fees but are not placed on a team will receive a full refund. Please note that some tournaments do not allow players who were not registered with AYSO in the fall to participate.

Players play in the same age bracket as in the fall, except that a player who played up in the fall may play in his/her standard age bracket in the spring. A player could potentially play-up if skilled and the coach approves.

Level of Play

All of the teams that play in the spring leagues and tournaments are select teams so that level of play is higher than in the fall AYSO season. Players are expected to be in better condition as the game is more physical. The rosters are limited to allow for 3/4 playing time like in Fall so players must be committed given the large number of distractions, holidays and similar issues during the Spring.

Player Selection

Players are chosen based on their play in the fall season and tryouts at the end of the season. Factors that play a part in player selection include skill, speed, effort, understanding of the game, practice habits, positional needs and team chemistry. Availability for practice and family volunteer commitment also play a role.


Practices are generally held twice a week. Because there is limited practice field availability, players must be available on the assigned practice days.

Playing Time

Select teams operate under AYSO guidelines. Players are guaranteed to play at least half of each game and most coaches give their players close to equal playing time. Coaches are expected to demonstrate good sportsmanship and positive coaching.

Player Committment

Players are expected to make a serious commitment to their spring team. While some players are involved in other sports, most coaches require that select team practices and games take precedence over other sports. Players must make a commitment to the team.

Parental Committment

Parents are expected to volunteer and support the team. Teams that can provide certified referees have a better chance of being accepted by tournaments. We also need volunteers to line fields.


Coaches who have participated in the preceding fall season, have several years of coaching experience, and hold the appropriate AYSO coaching certificates are the ones who usually run a Spring team. Most teams have assistant coaches who also have AYSO coaching experience. Coaches are approved by the Spring Coordinator and board.


Registration fees for U10 and above are $170 in 2016. These cover the cost of uniforms and equipment, participation in one tournament, and include other costs that are borne by the Region in support of the program.